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“Though she be but little, she is Fierce” - William Shakespeare  

I have been tiny my entire life (currently standing at 5’0”) but I have also been fiercely passionate my entire life. About Theatre, School, Community. After Competing in Beauty Pageants for over a decade, becoming a first generation college graduate, and traveling across the state of North Carolina advocating for the Arts, I can say with certainty each opportunity has led me to become more fiercely passionate about life. 


I used to think that my path had to lead me in one direction and to a single destination, but I have thrown that idea out of the window! Why can't there be more than one path? My masters in Communication has allowed me to lead a Marketing and Communications Department at a Regional Theatre, but it has also allowed me to Adjunct Teach in a Higher Education setting. My experience in Pageantry allowed me to travel the state of North Carolina and Beyond, but also allowed me to become an experienced Public Speaker.


I am confident that there is more to discover on this path of life and I don't intend to go on that path alone. I am glad you’re here! 




Maya D. Bryant 


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I do keynotes and speeches for universities, orgs, and theaters.



With the Georges, NCMA, Sinnett Realty are some of the places I've done work for.

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